First Blog Post

Hello Reader

This will be my first official blog post in WordPress, so I am very excited to present to you the new site BadCoffee. This will be a forum manly for my weekly posts of news mostly pertaining to my time at Becker college and the serious game class.

Serious Game

That Dragon, Cancer


The game that most seemed like a real game with a very serious message would be That Dragon, Cancer. This game was made by Numinous games and follows a family whose 12-month-old child was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This game attempts to raise awareness for how serious this illness is and what its affects that it had on the Green family.

That Dragon, Cancer is a phenomenal game with a hard-hitting message. But why did it need to be a game, why not a book or a movie?  When watching a movie, or reading a story you don’t really feel part of the actual world, it’s more like you’re watching someone else go through these problems. This may cause you to feel pity but no sympathy. With a game format, especially one that is in first person, you can be a part of the story and really get a better understanding of what this family most have gone through.

When That Dragon, Cancer has a Kick-starter for when the game became more popular and needed a much bigger scope. This game has had some big effects and had been given a 9/10 on steam. Even many famous you-tubers such as Markiplier and Pewdiepie have been viewed playing this game. Their efforts have helped to raise even more awareness and keep people informed on the game. Below I have sited a few links some to the sources of my information and others to the channels of the you-tubers who played this game along with a link to That Dragon, Caner’s face book if you want to go there and support their efforts.




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