The Homless Nation

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This week we will be discussing president Trumps refugee ban.

The executive order states that any person from Iran,Iraq,Libya,Somalia,Sudan and Yemen may not enter america for the next 90 days or to put it in better perspective three months they will be unable to enter america and will be forced to seek asylum in another country. Whats worse is that all refugees from a many other countries will be banned for 120 days or four months, and anyone from Syria is banned indefinitely. This is causing a huge refugee crisis all over the world since this means asylum seekers must got to other countries and which causes overall problems from other countries in the world and their border control.

Migration has become incredibly difficult in this country and many others and we currently have the most refugees in the world since world war 2. People fleeing from not just the middle east but parts of south Africa and south america are all over the place they wont be able to make their homes in america for at least the next three months. This is forcing countries such as the U.K. to step up and take care of the refugees. People in places like the Mediterranean however didn’t have the best of accommodations and can freeze to death in unhealthy living quarters. Refugees can be miss treated in other countries and may be considered second class citizens. The effects of allowing refugees into a country aren’t all positive. Can be costly to which ever country has to house clothe and feed the refugees.


Things aren’t all bad though. A Muslim family were welcomed in a Jewish synagogue in south London. They are currently attempting to raise money so that they can turn one of the old religious study rooms into a bedroom. The president of this school just today stated that regardless of what country someone comes from no student will be disallowed from gaining an education at this institution and the same goes for most other colleges and university until they are put into a position in which they must. The countries that have new refugees can gain new cultural values and ideas. This can create greater cultural exchange and our society. These changes can also be very profitable and go on to being beneficial for the country in question.



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