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There are plenty of challenges immigrants face while trying to enter a new country. Leaving your own country could be problematic depending on where you live and the people in charge. Some countries are island nations or are very far away from one another so leaving could be difficult. Dependent on the politics of the country there may also be difficulties with the current regime and their policies on leaving the country. Next up is getting to a new country. If you have to cross an ocean or a desert you will definitely have a lot of problems with basic transportation and making it to where you want to go.


Next up we have getting into the country which again has to deal with the current politics and laws of that country. For example Trumps immigration ban makes it difficult to enter the united states. And if the country is at war you might be thought to be spies and you either won’t get in at all or have a target on your back the entire time you live in that new country.


These are problems of getting into the country, now let’s discuss the 7 biggest problems with living in a new country. First one being the language barrier. This can be a huge problem because not speaking a common language can cause you to not get a job and find proper housing while living in this new country. The next problem could be raising children as there will be plenty of racism that they will have to face and not knowing how to get them along in a new school could make getting a job very difficult for them. While we are on the subject of work, finding work as an immigrant can also be extremely difficult. If you don’t speak the language and all your knowledge comes from another country it may be tough to find and hold down a job in any country especially if you do not have the proper working papers. Finding secure housing can be pretty tough and will likely cause some issues with anyone moving to any new country. Accessing some services like health care can become difficult if you don’t have the proper papers. In fact many immigrants tend to avoid getting some necessary services because they may be deported. Transportation can be an issue. If you didn’t happen to bring a car along with you finding good reliable transportation to work or the hospital could be tough. The cultural barrier could also be very hard to deal with. Getting along with others and making friends and being a part of the new society is tough when you come from another country and are so used to a different culture.



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