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This week I’m doing research on making a new game with the topic of the theater. The point of this game will be to inform and create interest for the theater. The current budget is around 20 thousand dollars. I have a total of three game ideas one of which I will make into any a game. A portion of the profits will go to Child’s play and local colleges regardless of which idea is picked so please support the kick starter.

Game Ideas

The first idea I had was a Interactive novel game featuring Les Miserables. You will take the roll of Jean Valjean, Cosette and Marius Pontmercy while you follow the story of these three characters as they try to survive in France. You will make life changing decisions for each of the characters and you will  be able to see the story unfold first hand. With this idea most of the money would have to go into Special Effects and visuals to make the game pretty easy to look at.

The second game idea is a turn based RPG game that involves the story of hamlet. You play as character similar to hamlet in a fantasy world that will include magic and dragons where you must fight against your Tyrannical uncle and usurp his thrown. The game will have you walking through the world to find allies and fight your uncle. Spoilers Your character dies in the end. This game would have 2d sprites and a 3d map. The game would include some cartoon violence so I’d say it would be for ages 10 and up.

The last of my game ideas was a VR game in which you play as a member of the casting director and you get to create your own plays and show it to friends and family on your TV. The game will mostly be 3d and have low poly characters with silly and funny emotes. This game should be for all ages and manly tries to gain intrigue from children and young people interested in theater production.


To the first game idea similar games would include so of the tell tale games like the game of thrones and heavy rain. The game would include similar interactions between players and the people in the scenes. The second game idea would be more similar to games like final fantasy tactics and chess where the player and AI would take turns in combat. This game has a lot to do with the story and how it has to do with hamlet. The final game is sort of like Mario maker or paper Mario where it is more childish and is made fore you to build an area and then show it to others.  The first game idea could be made in Unreal engine, when the game is produced 5% of the budget would have to go to unreal plus an extra $3000 for the license. $300 – $1200 dollars will be the cost of higher a voice actor and we need at least 10 voice actors. The second game will also need voice actors and can be made in game maker which will cost us to get a pro license and an export license. the last game requires VR equipment. The cost for the VR tool kits should be something around $15000. This game would also be made in unreal engine.




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