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This week I’ve been assigned a new team and new position as the team research manager. We will be presenting three game ideas and then deciding which of these game ideas would be the beast for the restraints that have been put in place. The topic for our games this week will be disabilities. We will be making games to entertain the disabled. The main focus groups will be stroke victims, the clinically blind and the medically deaf. Below I have some games with similar mechanics and art styles to the three games we will be presenting.

There are a few game made for the blind community. Some of these games will include the blind hero an iPhone game that has the player play as a blind person as they go through the world and try to save his wife. The entire game has no visuals at all but instead includes just sound to the lead the player through the game. The deaf community have very little video games created for them especially ones that use sign language or has a focus on reading lips. Since most games now come with the option to activate subtitles and there are plenty of on screen notifications on screen. Games made for stroke victims happen to be very useful for recovery. People who have had stroke have trouble with using parts of their bodies. Treatment includes plenty of muscle training to help with rehabilitation and since moving around is so necessary games can be made to help with rehabilitation. Similar games like Wii fit can help with things like that.



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