Signs of the tide

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Last week my team decided on what kind of game we are going to make to help the disabled. We decided to focus our efforts on the deaf community and create a game real time strategy game in which the player would learn ASL(american sign language) to direct troop movement. For this assignment I have been given the part of deciding the mechanics and the level design.

The game  play will be similar to typing words game except you will be signing words numbers and phrases instead of typing. The player will command troops in this game by using sign to command and lead them into battle. The player will have to move the troops properly like in a chess like fashion to attack and defeat enemy troops. Each troop will move in a certain way and will be able to counter other units. The game’s visuals look like fire emblem or final fantasy tactics in the cartoon look and objects in the scene that make it difficult to navigate around the move. The player will see many characters that they will get to move across the field. there will be multiple back drops for battles that look will look like forests, river, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and city structures. players will also have to watch put for the fact that the map till include inclines and high places that will change the tactics of how you would want to move your troops. The game will have a 3D map with 3D characters who can walk up and down hills and stairs to gain a height advantage on their opponents. Overall the games mechanics of using signs to move around the map along with the change in height and cartoon style should add some fun strategy and learning to the game.



Luke Carpentier –

Kevin Larson –

Sierra St.Onge – (Links to an external site.)

Khuong Truong –

Nicholas Kruzel –


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