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This week we are taking on a new topic. We are partnering up with  IThrive who normally make games for people young people 13 and up but this time we have been asked to make a game for ages 6 and up. As usual we came up with three ideas for which game we are going to make and this time we will create a prototype out of one of them. These games will help children with understanding emotions and identifying them. We want to make a game that can help kids learn self management and emotional awareness at an early age.

Our first idea was a graphic novel in the format of a story book. the player will make dialogue choices and see the consequences of their actions as they try to help the other characters around them. The second idea was matching game which would help children with memory and self management. The final game idea includes mini games that would allow the player to play alongside AI friends and complete challenges and get to know the AI. We had one extra game idea of creating a shooter that would help children understand the consistences of their own actions.

My team consisting of Nicholas Kruzel, Khuong Truong, Luke Carpentier, Kevin Larson and Sierra St. Onge have all been given assignments to fully flesh out each of the game ideas and provide research data on each game. Nic is writing up the Graphic novel, Luke Carpentier is making the matching game, Kevin Larson is designing the shooter Sierra is making the mini games and Khuong is doing research on each part of the game. Next week we will select one of these games and then begin constructing prototypes for the game we chose. We will have four weeks to construct our prototype and if we are given the thumbs up we will ask for funding to proceed with the project.



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