Friendly Feelings

Hello Reader


Today I am proud to announce our game idea. As you may recall last week my team and I had to decide on a game project to help the IThrive foundation to reach out to kids ages 6 and up and teach them about emotional intelligence. We have decided on making a game about imaginary friends and the game will be called Friendly feelings.

My job this week was getting everyone organized as well as developing a grant proposal and looking into some assessment of the game. To asses the game I had to show the main objective of the game and how we can measure whether or not we met our goal. The objective of the game is top teach children about emotional intelligence and help stop bullying. The method in which we can do this is by having kids beta test our game and give their opinion on it as well as using analytics software such as mix panel and Good Data.

Along with performing assessment on the game and its effectiveness I went ahead an began drawing up a grant proposal that we could give to the William T Grant association and make a case that our game will be a necessary service for children ages 6 and older. The Grant can provide us with up to $25,000 for our cause which would cover the amount necessary to train, facilitate and equip ourselves to make the game.

I delegated some tasks to my team and each one of them returned with all the work they had put forth. Khuong Truong was tasked with the game objectives. Sierra developed the introduction along with the main idea for the game. Luke . Kevin’s objective for the week was. Nic was left with writing up the game controls and giving so insight on the features of the game. The links to their blog posts can be found below along with a draft of the grant proposal and references to the sight of the grants site.





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