Friendly Feelings

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Today I am proud to announce our game idea. As you may recall last week my team and I had to decide on a game project to help the IThrive foundation to reach out to kids ages 6 and up and teach them about emotional intelligence. We have decided on making a game about imaginary friends and the game will be called Friendly feelings.

My job this week was getting everyone organized as well as developing a grant proposal and looking into some assessment of the game. To asses the game I had to show the main objective of the game and how we can measure whether or not we met our goal. The objective of the game is top teach children about emotional intelligence and help stop bullying. The method in which we can do this is by having kids beta test our game and give their opinion on it as well as using analytics software such as mix panel and Good Data.

Along with performing assessment on the game and its effectiveness I went ahead an began drawing up a grant proposal that we could give to the William T Grant association and make a case that our game will be a necessary service for children ages 6 and older. The Grant can provide us with up to $25,000 for our cause which would cover the amount necessary to train, facilitate and equip ourselves to make the game.

I delegated some tasks to my team and each one of them returned with all the work they had put forth. Khuong Truong was tasked with the game objectives. Sierra developed the introduction along with the main idea for the game. Luke . Kevin’s objective for the week was. Nic was left with writing up the game controls and giving so insight on the features of the game. The links to their blog posts can be found below along with a draft of the grant proposal and references to the sight of the grants site.





Games for Kids

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This week we are taking on a new topic. We are partnering up with  IThrive who normally make games for people young people 13 and up but this time we have been asked to make a game for ages 6 and up. As usual we came up with three ideas for which game we are going to make and this time we will create a prototype out of one of them. These games will help children with understanding emotions and identifying them. We want to make a game that can help kids learn self management and emotional awareness at an early age.

Our first idea was a graphic novel in the format of a story book. the player will make dialogue choices and see the consequences of their actions as they try to help the other characters around them. The second idea was matching game which would help children with memory and self management. The final game idea includes mini games that would allow the player to play alongside AI friends and complete challenges and get to know the AI. We had one extra game idea of creating a shooter that would help children understand the consistences of their own actions.

My team consisting of Nicholas Kruzel, Khuong Truong, Luke Carpentier, Kevin Larson and Sierra St. Onge have all been given assignments to fully flesh out each of the game ideas and provide research data on each game. Nic is writing up the Graphic novel, Luke Carpentier is making the matching game, Kevin Larson is designing the shooter Sierra is making the mini games and Khuong is doing research on each part of the game. Next week we will select one of these games and then begin constructing prototypes for the game we chose. We will have four weeks to construct our prototype and if we are given the thumbs up we will ask for funding to proceed with the project.



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Signs of the tide

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Last week my team decided on what kind of game we are going to make to help the disabled. We decided to focus our efforts on the deaf community and create a game real time strategy game in which the player would learn ASL(american sign language) to direct troop movement. For this assignment I have been given the part of deciding the mechanics and the level design.

The game  play will be similar to typing words game except you will be signing words numbers and phrases instead of typing. The player will command troops in this game by using sign to command and lead them into battle. The player will have to move the troops properly like in a chess like fashion to attack and defeat enemy troops. Each troop will move in a certain way and will be able to counter other units. The game’s visuals look like fire emblem or final fantasy tactics in the cartoon look and objects in the scene that make it difficult to navigate around the move. The player will see many characters that they will get to move across the field. there will be multiple back drops for battles that look will look like forests, river, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and city structures. players will also have to watch put for the fact that the map till include inclines and high places that will change the tactics of how you would want to move your troops. The game will have a 3D map with 3D characters who can walk up and down hills and stairs to gain a height advantage on their opponents. Overall the games mechanics of using signs to move around the map along with the change in height and cartoon style should add some fun strategy and learning to the game.



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Game research

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This week I’ve been assigned a new team and new position as the team research manager. We will be presenting three game ideas and then deciding which of these game ideas would be the beast for the restraints that have been put in place. The topic for our games this week will be disabilities. We will be making games to entertain the disabled. The main focus groups will be stroke victims, the clinically blind and the medically deaf. Below I have some games with similar mechanics and art styles to the three games we will be presenting.

There are a few game made for the blind community. Some of these games will include the blind hero an iPhone game that has the player play as a blind person as they go through the world and try to save his wife. The entire game has no visuals at all but instead includes just sound to the lead the player through the game. The deaf community have very little video games created for them especially ones that use sign language or has a focus on reading lips. Since most games now come with the option to activate subtitles and there are plenty of on screen notifications on screen. Games made for stroke victims happen to be very useful for recovery. People who have had stroke have trouble with using parts of their bodies. Treatment includes plenty of muscle training to help with rehabilitation and since moving around is so necessary games can be made to help with rehabilitation. Similar games like Wii fit can help with things like that.


Up Stage

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Last week I had come up with some ideas for the game my team would be making that would have to do with the theater and production. The best idea chosen was the third on the upstage performance builder. Below there is the game brief.


Game Design Document

Darius Watts

Genre: Party game

Audience: This games will cater to students in the performing arts major. People who enjoy party games and enjoy the theater would also love this game. This game will mainly target the middle and upper classes and millennials who enjoy the performing arts.

Primary Objective: The primary objective of this game is to get a new generation of people into the theater and teach them about the process of theater production through making a fun party game that people will enjoy playing with friends.

Introduction: The game will have a basic story where you are an actor at your local community college. In the first level you will be trying to auditions for Hamlet. You get to decide whether you want to play as one of the characters such as Hamlet, Horatio or Ophelia. Picking the right character changes the difficulty of the level. Complete the first scene of the play in front of a panel of judges and that will be the end of the level. This level will act as a tutorial for when you decide to play the arcade mode later.

Game play and mechanics:The player will have two modes of play. The story mode which will include some short plays the player can complete and the arcade mode where players can act out which ever play they want to with a group of friends. The player will have a controller that will allow them to select any of the four options presented to them on screen or they can say it out using a microphone.

Game Comparison: The game is like rock band and some of the tell tale games. The player will select different options on four options in a panel and the player will have to quickly press some buttons when to comes to quick time actions. You can enhance the game play by adding a microphone and voicing out the lines instead. This will allow players to go through the lines of the play and remember how the performance goes. By engaging the players directly and making them feel as if they are part of the performance the players may gain a new appreciation for theater.

Game Controls: The controls will be simple enough for anyone to use. The game will be on console mainly the PlayStation. The controls will be to use the dpad or analog stick to pick any of the basic UI options along with picking which option they want to go with during actual game play along with pressing the shape buttons

Win/Lose conditions: Dependent on what they decide to pick they will get a response from the audience whether there performance will be met with applause or disapproval. If the player is applauded, or get the proper reaction(such as crying audience during a sad scene) the player will gain a point and the crowd in the background will begin to swell up with more people. If the player gets booed, the crowd will look upset bored or even leave the theater the player will lose points. The points are tallied up and the player can see how well they did in the play. If their score is meets or exceeds the criteria the player will have completed the level and will be given stars based of the amount of points they earned. Stars are used in game to get a new level in the single player and arcade modes. If the player gets less than the required amount of points the player will have failed the level and will have to try again.

User Interface: In the interface the player will be able to see a summary of the dialogue with the character and suggestions on what to do next. The GUI will also have a place for all the points you gained and the stars you’ve earned on this level.

Main Mechanics: The main mechanics will just have the player scrolling through different lines of text and choosing which one to say along with some quick time events for action scenes.

Level Design: Each level will have you the player on a stage with people in the foreground watching the show and will be a character standing on a stage. Dependent on which studio you decide to perform in the level could look like a high school performance and have low budget equipment in the background or if you have made it to the later levels you can get a better stage to perform on with better equipment. Artistry the game will similar to something like paper Mario theater where the player is acting out on stage and the audience is in the foreground.

How this has to do with the theme: The game will allow the player the experience of being part of a play and may become more interested in going to plays because they enjoyed playing in it.

Sixty seconds of play: In sixty second of the game you can be performing as Titus in Titus Andronicus and you must decide which of the four lines to say when Titus, along with many other people set down a black coffin and Titus begins to speak of roman victory. When you chose a line you will no be given the entirety of what your player will say but instead a small sentence or phrase that will summarize the exposition.

Game Comparison Footage:

These pictures depict how the game would look

Image result for rock band Menu

Image result for mario theater game


To play a play

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This week I’m doing research on making a new game with the topic of the theater. The point of this game will be to inform and create interest for the theater. The current budget is around 20 thousand dollars. I have a total of three game ideas one of which I will make into any a game. A portion of the profits will go to Child’s play and local colleges regardless of which idea is picked so please support the kick starter.

Game Ideas

The first idea I had was a Interactive novel game featuring Les Miserables. You will take the roll of Jean Valjean, Cosette and Marius Pontmercy while you follow the story of these three characters as they try to survive in France. You will make life changing decisions for each of the characters and you will  be able to see the story unfold first hand. With this idea most of the money would have to go into Special Effects and visuals to make the game pretty easy to look at.

The second game idea is a turn based RPG game that involves the story of hamlet. You play as character similar to hamlet in a fantasy world that will include magic and dragons where you must fight against your Tyrannical uncle and usurp his thrown. The game will have you walking through the world to find allies and fight your uncle. Spoilers Your character dies in the end. This game would have 2d sprites and a 3d map. The game would include some cartoon violence so I’d say it would be for ages 10 and up.

The last of my game ideas was a VR game in which you play as a member of the casting director and you get to create your own plays and show it to friends and family on your TV. The game will mostly be 3d and have low poly characters with silly and funny emotes. This game should be for all ages and manly tries to gain intrigue from children and young people interested in theater production.


To the first game idea similar games would include so of the tell tale games like the game of thrones and heavy rain. The game would include similar interactions between players and the people in the scenes. The second game idea would be more similar to games like final fantasy tactics and chess where the player and AI would take turns in combat. This game has a lot to do with the story and how it has to do with hamlet. The final game is sort of like Mario maker or paper Mario where it is more childish and is made fore you to build an area and then show it to others.  The first game idea could be made in Unreal engine, when the game is produced 5% of the budget would have to go to unreal plus an extra $3000 for the license. $300 – $1200 dollars will be the cost of higher a voice actor and we need at least 10 voice actors. The second game will also need voice actors and can be made in game maker which will cost us to get a pro license and an export license. the last game requires VR equipment. The cost for the VR tool kits should be something around $15000. This game would also be made in unreal engine.



Art Museum

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The game idea we made this week is for an art game in which players will make their way through an art styles and the progression of art as a whole. The player will be in an art museum walking around and clicking on different art pieces from different time periods and enter mini games that have to to with the piece. As the complete a number of mini games more of the game area will open up and they will be able to view more art pieces throughout the gallery and see the progression of art as they progress through the game. The point of the game is to teach people about the progression of art and about many of the famous art pieces.


Art Games

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This week I’m managing my team and deciding on design ideas for a brand new art game. We sat down and brain stormed and came up with three big ideas for a serious art game. The first idea by Justice is a game in which the player has the ability to change it’s own color to traverse through different levels. Another game idea Rob was to make a game where the player is trapped in an art museum and will enter different paintings  that depict different points in history and art style. The player will enter the paintings to find a similar item that will help them complete the game. The final game idea by R.J. is one where the player is a character who has synesthesia and must make there way through the world by using the color of sound to move forward. Our research expert will be gathering information and references to games similar to these such as dark echo and umbra.




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There are plenty of challenges immigrants face while trying to enter a new country. Leaving your own country could be problematic depending on where you live and the people in charge. Some countries are island nations or are very far away from one another so leaving could be difficult. Dependent on the politics of the country there may also be difficulties with the current regime and their policies on leaving the country. Next up is getting to a new country. If you have to cross an ocean or a desert you will definitely have a lot of problems with basic transportation and making it to where you want to go.


Next up we have getting into the country which again has to deal with the current politics and laws of that country. For example Trumps immigration ban makes it difficult to enter the united states. And if the country is at war you might be thought to be spies and you either won’t get in at all or have a target on your back the entire time you live in that new country.


These are problems of getting into the country, now let’s discuss the 7 biggest problems with living in a new country. First one being the language barrier. This can be a huge problem because not speaking a common language can cause you to not get a job and find proper housing while living in this new country. The next problem could be raising children as there will be plenty of racism that they will have to face and not knowing how to get them along in a new school could make getting a job very difficult for them. While we are on the subject of work, finding work as an immigrant can also be extremely difficult. If you don’t speak the language and all your knowledge comes from another country it may be tough to find and hold down a job in any country especially if you do not have the proper working papers. Finding secure housing can be pretty tough and will likely cause some issues with anyone moving to any new country. Accessing some services like health care can become difficult if you don’t have the proper papers. In fact many immigrants tend to avoid getting some necessary services because they may be deported. Transportation can be an issue. If you didn’t happen to bring a car along with you finding good reliable transportation to work or the hospital could be tough. The cultural barrier could also be very hard to deal with. Getting along with others and making friends and being a part of the new society is tough when you come from another country and are so used to a different culture.


The Homless Nation

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This week we will be discussing president Trumps refugee ban.

The executive order states that any person from Iran,Iraq,Libya,Somalia,Sudan and Yemen may not enter america for the next 90 days or to put it in better perspective three months they will be unable to enter america and will be forced to seek asylum in another country. Whats worse is that all refugees from a many other countries will be banned for 120 days or four months, and anyone from Syria is banned indefinitely. This is causing a huge refugee crisis all over the world since this means asylum seekers must got to other countries and which causes overall problems from other countries in the world and their border control.

Migration has become incredibly difficult in this country and many others and we currently have the most refugees in the world since world war 2. People fleeing from not just the middle east but parts of south Africa and south america are all over the place they wont be able to make their homes in america for at least the next three months. This is forcing countries such as the U.K. to step up and take care of the refugees. People in places like the Mediterranean however didn’t have the best of accommodations and can freeze to death in unhealthy living quarters. Refugees can be miss treated in other countries and may be considered second class citizens. The effects of allowing refugees into a country aren’t all positive. Can be costly to which ever country has to house clothe and feed the refugees.


Things aren’t all bad though. A Muslim family were welcomed in a Jewish synagogue in south London. They are currently attempting to raise money so that they can turn one of the old religious study rooms into a bedroom. The president of this school just today stated that regardless of what country someone comes from no student will be disallowed from gaining an education at this institution and the same goes for most other colleges and university until they are put into a position in which they must. The countries that have new refugees can gain new cultural values and ideas. This can create greater cultural exchange and our society. These changes can also be very profitable and go on to being beneficial for the country in question.